About S.B. Nova

I’m a fantasy writer. I imagine places that don’t exist. I love to create weird and wonderful characters. I drink entirely too much tea.

S.B. Nova is an English author of epic fantasy novels that focus on themes of found family, courage in the face of adversity, power and violence, oppressive authority figures, confining social norms, and sexual awakening. In other words, the horrors of growing up and the difficulties involved in finding one’s way in the world. The magic, ogres, dragons, and possessive fae are all just for fun.

Nova spends her time reading, writing, and dancing. She enjoys watching tarot pick-a-cards, wrestling matches, wuxia and xianxia shows, and street dance battles. The soundtracks to her life as a writer are heavy metal, hip-hop, and classical music. If she could be better at anything, it would be surfing.

The best way to stay in touch and learn about book updates is via her newsletter. Alternatively, you can visit her social media pages.