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At nineteen, struggling to act as a carer for her mother, Skyla didn’t think things could get much worse. But, with a knock at the door, her world implodes. A stranger arrives with the shocking truth: she was not born on Earth. But to a realm where magic rules, and mythical creatures roam.

There is only one choice; Skyla must return or her mother will die. But with the kingdoms on the brink of war, and evil forces that would see her noble family dead, she must evade detection and find a way to cure her mother.

Yet, things are about to get even more complicated, when, during her journey, visions of a tortured man plague her thoughts, and Skyla learns a deadly secret. These events spark a race against time, where the stakes could not be higher.

But with the lives of thousands resting on her shoulders, and only a bunch of misfits to help, can she find a way to stop war and destruction from claiming them all? Or will it be too much for a girl unprepared for her important role?

Top Reviews

***I absolutely loved the book, characters and world that was created. What I loved even more was the style of writing. Everything about it tied together seamlessly. There was not of wasteful purple prose or blah blah blah words used as fill in.
After reading the story, I immediately researched for the next book. It seems we will have to wait awhile, but there is another series that she has started. I hope she sticks to her style because for me it was a joy to read.
I don’t think I would be as brave as Sky, but I won’t miss going with her on her journey. (Goodreads)

***Everybody should read this book. Awesome story line. Never had one like this. Can’t wait.

The story line is very different from what I’ve been reading. I couldn’t put the book down. I read it all the way through. I liked the characters and the connection between them all. (Goodreads)

***This is a great coming of age fantasy story.

Many different questions and adventures are in store for our heroines. Skyla is a very smart and likeable heroine who has already had to make a lot of mature choices in caring for her sick mother…. She is caught up in this whirlwind of an adventure to save everything, but she has her fears and obstacles to overcome.

I love the fact that her mother was able to come with her. The secondary characters are great as well. Her companion Ruby actually understands what she is going through and is a great friend.

The one thing that I agree with both Sky and Ruby about is that many people are using them for their own agendas and like keeping them in the dark which is never a safe thing to do. I also feel for Ruby a little bit more because at least sky has her mother’s love, Ruby really doesn’t have anyone other than Sky. Ruby’s Aunt doesn’t care about her at all – only about Sky.

Both Sky and Ruby are their own people and have forged a great sisterly bond between each other. (Amazon)


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