It’s finally here! A Kingdom of Exiles took me over a year from inception to publication and I’ve loved/hated the process.

My writing year (back in October 2016) started with two months of writing it out longhand. This went on to fill out five notebooks. Then, I typed it up and edited for three months straight. Those months were perhaps the hardest and the most rewarding of the entire experience. Seven days a week, and a minimum of eight hours a day. I was exhausted. My sleeping pattern was the opposite of ‘normal’ which ultimately led me to call the publishing side of my business: Night Owl. But I also loved those three months. There was something so exhausting and exhilarating about them. It was pure. Just me and the characters. What followed was months of rewrites and working with my editor.

It’s odd but when I talk about writing to strangers, people often have what I call a ‘la la’ interpretation of what writing for a living must be like. It goes something along the lives of either you are a starving artist or you’re a lady of leisure. In reality … at least for me, this year has been about hard work, a huge dose of idealism and a touch of insanity. That’s what’s kept me going day to day.

So, I’ve told you a little about the work that’s gone into the book. Now, perhaps I should tell you about the book itself … The thing is, like almost all authors, I hate describing my books. And you can always read the blurb if you’d like a description. All I’ll say is that this book has meant the world to me. I always felt like Draken was about getting my feet under me and it was about struggle and finding my voice. It was about chances and crippling anxiety and insecurities. AKOE was more of a pleasure to write and in my opinion, my writing improved as a result. I truly fell head over heels for all the characters and all I can do is hope that others feel the same way. And now with AKOE, I feel very differently to how I did when Draken was published. I’m not surprised that someone loves the characters anymore. Quite the opposite—I can’t imagine not loving the characters in AKOE.

Now to my future plans and works … This is a tough one. And I have to be honest, it’s tough for one very annoying and frustrating reason: money. Yes, sometimes reality comes knocking and you face a decision that could shape your life for many years to come. Writing very rarely pays the bills consistently. And yet, it is one of the most difficult things in the world to walk away from something you love with your very soul. My choice is still pending … but if I choose the road with no money, then I have the next twenty years of my career planned out! Three series with perhaps three to four books a piece and they all join up in one epic story-line told across worlds … A touch ambitious but what’s life without an impossible dream or two? So until next time …

Much love,


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